IZB Industrial Services has established its position as Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company offering integrated, innovative competitive engineering solutions to our prestigious customers through one-window operations. IZB has won laurels of international and national enterprises by virtue of excellent project management and execution techniques, remark efficiency, high level of professional expertise and economics .Imaginative insight, straight, planning, forceful direction, achievement oriented assignment of targets associated with human capabilities, dignity, incentives as well as human sympathy are the most significant qualities of our management towards making IZB a glaring example of success and progress in the field of engineering.

Our team is progressive, proactive, extending highest degree of job commitment, professional, approach, competence and integrity through sharing of responsibility in daily assignment. We provide pleasant and healthy work environment for its staff extends and challenging opportunities, which enables them to contribute their best talents through interdisciplinary support. All these efforts are to create a good institution for staff to be proud of & provide ideal career advancements, & opportunities to play vital role both in national & international markets. Despite of all the economics & financial challenges prevailing all over the globe, we are dedicated for carving IZB future to pursue our venture with vision & passion. I am therefore, not only hopeful but also positive as we face the future.

All directors of the company has a responsibility of a well implementation of quality management system in units and ensure that all the provisions of the policy is comprehensible for employees under their supervision. While all of the employees also will be responsible to quality of work and compliance requirements imposed in quality management.