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IZB providing full abrasive sand blasting coating painting services, and high performance coating and painting applications. IZB has been offering Comprehensive Repair, Protection, Prevention and Maintenance surface preparation/protective Coating Solution with the flexibility to respond swiftly and positively to individual customer requirements. Our commitment to “Quality and performance” has provided us strong base in industrial development and construction field.

Why Count on IZB:

  • Fully trained personal with commitment
  • Work to meet your deadlines
  • Confidence in the quality of the work we undertake
  • Special emphasis on safety

We Specialize in:
A good surface preparation grade (degree of cleanliness) along with a suitable surface profile can give 10 years life from a typical coating system. The same system applied over a substrate with little or no profile and contaminant remaining might give four to six years, or even less.
IZB Sandblasting & Painting

We provide the following blasting services:
  • Several different types of dry Abrasive Blast Cleaning
  • Hydro Blasting
  • Wet Abrasive Blasting
  • Hand and Power Tool Cleaning
  • Dust Free Blasting
  • Vacuum Blasting
  • Bristle Blasting
  • Bead Blasting


On-site Blasting & Painting Services

With our Mobile Blasting Units, we can travel anywhere to complete the job. As our professional applicators prepare an area for work, they make sure that all applicable NACE/SSPC steel cleaning standards are followed to meet your industrial needs. has allowed us to perform repeated work at the following facilities:

  • Refineries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Oil Transport/Pipeline Industries
  • Shut Down Projects
  • Oil & Water Storage Tanks and various structural steel projects.

IZB Sandblasting & Painting, workshops have been purpose designed to provide the most efficient Protective Coating job by minimizing handling and increasing productivity. This means that you can get your equipment quicker and at a better price. Here our Fleet Maintenance keeps the units in top running order and it is our company policy to provide a safe and healthy environment. Surfaces can be prepared for paint application in several different ways, each one varies in cost, efficiency, ease and suitability.


Protective Coating

High performance industrial coatings have revolutionized the protection of steel structures, an area IZB strives to maintain at the forefront. With over 21 years of experience of our wide range Protective Coating application, you can be assured that IZB will be able to successfully complete even your most complex projects.

For best results in integrity protection, we have set application standards in the Industry by applying:

  • High Performance Anti-Corrosion Coatings
  • Lead Abatement Cleaning & Containment
  • Water Tank Linings
  • Epoxy Coating Linings
  • High-Solids Polyurea Coatings
  • Plural Component Coatings
  • Municipal Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Chemical Storage Facilities

Owners today are looking for the best value when evaluating a protective coatings system for their facilities and municipal structures. Today’s high performance coatings offer such value and are specified to last for multiple years even in the most extreme of operating environment. IZB approved Distributor & applicator of Petro Merys (corrosion Prevention System)in Pakistan.


Corrosion Coatings – Field Application | External Repair | Rehabilitation | Weld Joints

Standing out with something special, technologically superior, addressing user/field application difficulties and highlighting hidden grey areas stands us out from others. We offer field applied corrosion coating for girth welds or rehabilitation purposes, which is:

Girth Welds | Rehabilitation | Cold Applied | Corrosion Coating – Field Advantages

  • 1 Layer System, 1” Overlap
  • ust Simpler and Faster
  • No Mix or Cure Time
  • Immediate Backfill
  • User friendly
  • No Heat Required
  • Simple & Handy Machinery
  • No Commercial Blast Required
  • Minimal Training ~ Qualifications